Gagan Thapa calls on political parties to work in unison

सोमबार , साउन ३०, २०७९
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gagan thapaMugu, June 8: Nepali Congress central member Gagan Thapa has called on three major political parties to work in unison for the what he said effective enforcement of the constitution.
He went on saying that major political parties should move ahead together to hold the local, parliamentary and national elections within the deadline set by the constitution. The country could face a grave accident if the elections of these three levels were not held on time or within the next one and half year and unity among the political parties was necessary to save the country from facing such probable misfortune.
He was here to inaugurate the fourth district convention of Nepal Tarun Dal’s District Working Committee Mugu.
Giving his views over the ongoing agitation of the Madhes-centric parties unhappy with some provisions of the constitution, he said their ‘genuine’ demands should be addressed.