NRA used for serving partisan interests-NC

शुक्रबार , साउन २७, २०७९
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Nepali-Congress_flagKathmandu, June 14: A working committee meeting of the Nepali Congress Parliamentary Party has demanded inclusion of the names of the earthquake survivors that were left out during the recent data collection.
The meeting of the NC parliamentary party held on Monday has accused the government of being ignorant towards the pressing need for the reconstruction of homes for quake victims.
The main opposition party has protested against the government’s move to make the party-close Non-Government Organizations and National Reconstruction Authority as a hub for recruiting own party cadres rather than concentrating its efforts towards addressing people’s needs of reconstructing their homes.
The meeting has appointed Dhruba Wagle as a Member-Secretary and Minakshi Jha as a Treasurer in accordance with the statute of the parliamentary party.
The name list of the earthquake survivors of the Kathmandu Valley districts has yet to be verified, the NC said while lambasting the government for not implementing the NC-led erstwhile government’s decision to grant Rs 200,000 each to the earthquake survivors.
The NC parliamentary meeting has strongly demanded immediate distribution of the grants to relieve the earthquake victims.
Though there is an arrangement of appointing main opposition party leader as a Vice-Chairperson of the NRA the government has not involved the opposition in the policy decision making process, the NC said.
The meeting has accused the government of unilaterally using the NRA to serve the partisan interests.