RISE Colorado successfully held two different workshops
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RISE Colorado successfully held two different workshops

RISE Colorado successfully held two different workshops on 10/22/16 at Mango house, Aurora Colorado with the objective of educating and engaging parents and students at Aurora Public Schools of Colorado.


RISE held Parent Opportunity Gap for Nepali parents and Youths in the morning session from 10am-12 noon. Parents had an opportunity to learn about existing opportunity gap in our public education system and the ways how to overcome barriers and obstacles that hinders their children while making transition from high school to college. 22 parents and youths had a great time learning the actual statistics and graduation rate of APS.

All the attendees were highly engaged during workshop. Second phase of workshops was all about Navigating School System and knowing about the power ladder in our Public Education System. NSS workshop was held for Burmese and Karen Speaking parents. They were excited to learn about where power lies. 12 Burmese and Karen Speaking parents attended workshops. It was held from 2pm-4 pm. RISE Community Organizer Hari Uprety mentioned that the main goal of these workshops is to keep informed our parents at APS and to educate, engage and empower them to become leaders in the community so that they themselves can advocate their children concerns and issues related to education.

It is because they all deserve quality education. RISE Colorado is thankful to all our parents and community partners who support our community to make a difference. Organizer Hari Uprety thanked to all the team members for their tremendous support to make workshops successful. Light refreshments and raffle tickets were also provided during workshops.