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A Nepali on campaign to feed pizza to 8,000 COVID-19 affected people in Portugal

Lisbon, June 19 (RSS): A Nepali chef, Tanka Sapkota, has launched a campaign here in Portugal to feed pizza to the 8,000 people affected by coronavirus for free. The one-month campaign has started on June 16 and a team is assisting Sapkota. Slogan for the campaign is ‘one cannot change the world individually, but we help change the world’.

Sapkota has been awarded many times as an excellent chef for Italian pizza. Born in Damake of Baglung district, Sapkota, 45, is living in Portugal for the past 24 years after visiting various countries. The campaign aims to help the people of 24 wards of Lisbon affected by the infection, he said.

A mobile camp would be set up at each ward and home deliveries made, he said. The campaign is estimated to cost approximately 70,000 Euros. Each pizza costs around 9 Euros. To bake pizza, he has bought an oven for 30,000 Euros. Five hundred volunteers have been mobilised for the campaign. He also has a plan to expand the campaign across Portugal. Now he is running three Italian and one Nepali restaurants in Portugal.

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