Swaraj Khati Announces Candidacy for Youth Coordinator for NRN-NCC of USA (2017-19)

Swaraj Khati, representing Youth Coordinator for NRN-NCC of USA (2017-19)

“Power of the Youth” generation, NRNA’s main recognition!

Dear NRN’s and fellow PNO’s,

As a NRN-NCC Youth Coordinator, I wish to unite youth living within the United States in an empowering way enabling them to voice their opinions regarding issues that are important to them, while obtaining the life and leadership skills, so that together, we can all work to build a stronger youth forum, a better Nepalese society in the USA, and a better Nepal. I stress that youth participation should be, by choice, challenging and fun and able to influence decisions.


  • Promote developmental competencies that youth need at individual, social, and system levels to become productive and contributing members of society.
  • Enable strong co-operation, collaboration and exchange among active youth bodies.
  • Create a climate for youth participation within NRNA and beyond.
  • Promote Nepalese language, social and cultural values amongst second-generation Nepalese children born in USA.
  • Synergetic utilization of intellectual capital resources within youth in the USA for socio-economic transformation of Nepalese diaspora in USA and in Nepal.


  • Constitutionalizing “NRN-NCC-YOUTH-FORUM” along with its structure, coordination, and fund regulation within NRN-NCC-USA by-laws.
  • Initiating Youth Scholarship Programs that reward extraordinary students of Nepali origin at USA schools and universities.
  • Appointing “NRN Youth Ambassadors” in different college-towns and cities around the USA to serve as NRN-Youth representatives within their communities and to take active leadership role in developing youth networks, planning local events, identifying youth needs, and coordinating with NCC to work towards addressing youth issues, in the process, creating and spreading more awareness about NRNA movement.
  • Organizing sports tournaments, talent shows, as well as other possible extracurricular activities to engage children and youths of Nepali origin in community activities and to aid them in discovering their talents.
  • Organizing social entrepreneurship and innovation events in the USA with the aim to translate raw ideas and/or prototypes into sustainable projects (to be implemented in Nepal) through professional mentorship and collaboration with potential donors/investors.
  • Organizing youth workshops and conferences to bring together students, scholars, academics, researchers, professionals, and intellectuals for interaction, networking, and presentation and discussion of ideas and issues concerning Nepal, with specific goals which can bring productive outcomes that can assist in policymaking and program coordination in Nepal for various groups.
  • Creating a database of all Nepalese student’s associations in various universities throughout the USA, helping them connect and network through social media as well as organizational platforms, facilitating them with necessary resources to run their organizations, and to identify and tackle student-related issues in their communities through the collective effort of the network.

If given the opportunity, I am extremely confident that I will be able to align NRN-NCC- USA with the goal of NRNA youth affairs to effectively utilize and manage the collective efforts of NRN youths residing throughout the USA to expand, strengthen, and rejuvenate the youth network for the welfare of Nepal and the Nepali diaspora in the USA. I will also ensure coordination among various NRN Youth’s on Chapters around the USA, NCC Youth’s on more than 60 nations around the globe, and the ICC.

I strongly hope to receive your support so that I can diligently work and stand upon my commitments to the position, the organization, and the community.

Thank you.

Swaraj Khati
Candidate for Youth Coordinator
Dallas, Texas
Ph: 318-497-3466

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