Spokesperson responsible for disseminating information: Minister Rai

शुक्रबार , साउन २७, २०७९

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Kathmandu, June 14: Minister for Information and Communications, Sherdhan Rai, today said a constitution no matter how beautiful it may be, will not be effective if people cannot use the rights it has stipulated.
Speaking at an interaction on ‘Spokespersons’ Responsibility in Disseminating Information’ organized by Ministry of Information and Communications and Nepal Press Institute (NPI) here, Minister Rai laid emphasis on the importance of people’s access to the right to information (RTI). He said a government body spokesperson should facilitate creation of the environment for the same.
Minister Rai warned that government’s activities cannot move forward in status quo, and that government mechanism and political parties must remain accountable to the people. He also stressed on need for transforming the government mechanism.
National Information Commission (NIC) Chief Commissioner, Krishna Hari Banskota, presented a working paper calling on the spokespersons to present themselves in a balanced manner, efficiently manage the materials of the concerned authority, organize press briefings once a month if possible and disseminate data-based information and halt arrangement of allowance for journalists.
Administrative Court Chairman, Kashiraj Dahal, also presented a working paper stating that RTI is taken as crucial tool in good governance.
Erstwhile Chief Election Commissioner, Bhojraj Pokharel, also presented a working paper suggesting for reversing the false belief in withholding information and changing the dogmatic view by believing in the fact that disseminating more information will make one stronger.