PM bats for national consensus

बुधबार , भाद्र १, २०७९
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Biratnagar, June 9: Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has stated that the country is in need of a national consensus.
Speaking with the media persons at the Biratnagar Airport on Thursday afternoon, PM Oli reiterated, “it is imperative to forge a national consensus among the major political parties for implementation of the new constitution, holding local bodies’ election and implementing federalism in a phased manner.”
Referring to the 16-point agreement inked among four major political parties on June 8, 2015 for promulgation of new constitution, Oli urged all these concerned parties for unity in implementing the new national statute.
On the occasion, he requested the major opposition Nepali Congress to join the incumbent government as there were still heaps of works to do together for the greater good of the country. Furthermore, the PM urged the dissenting Madhesh-centric political parties to come on board and resolve the difference through oli